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How to introduce Montessori activities

A child playing with geometric shapes to practice shape recognition and fine motor skills.

Montessori is a method of teaching developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, who opened her first Montessori school in 1907. Her approach to teaching children involves hands-on learning through independence, choice, and collaborative play.  Practicing the Montessori method at school and home will continue to build on that critical early foundation to become a confident and […]

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What is Linear Counting in Montessori?

Montessori grouping number tiles.

The Montessori Curriculum and Method is a revolutionary way of educating children. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, she based her child-centered education approach on scientific observation and study of a child’s development.  The curriculum includes carefully planned lessons sequenced logically to prepare the child for independent learning without undue pressure or frustration. Mathematics is an […]

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How to Incorporate Montessori at Home

A Montessori styled bedroom with a floor bed, small table and chairs, and wooden cabinet, along with other small items.

How to Incorporate Montessori at Home Getting your children to focus at home can sometimes be challenging. Your child’s development is important, and finding new methods to help that development is essential. Realizing the full potential of your child at home can be difficult—you may need some extra help. That’s where the Montessori method comes […]

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What Is the Montessori Pink Tower and How Do You Use It?

A Montessori pink tower stacked up next to an empty bookshelf inside a brightly lit classroom.

What Is the Montessori Pink Tower And How Do You Use It? The Iconic Montessori Symbol The Montessori pink tower is a staple of the Montessori method. The sensory activity relies mainly on visual work, but it can also require some hand-eye coordination. The teaching toy is introduced in the earliest plane of development, typically […]

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10 Tips for Helping Your Child Focus & Concentrate

Young blonde girl holding four markers with both hands concentrating on her workbook.

10 Tips for Helping Your Child Focus & Concentrate The world is an exciting but distracting place for children. While learning to perceive the world around them, a child’s focus and concentration are tested — by learning good organizational and study habits, your child can more successfully learn and develop during their youth. At Mosaic […]

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10 Ways To Make Your Child Feel Empowered

A young girl laying on a green surface with a red cape striking a superhero pose symbolizing empowerment

Part of the core of Montessori education is providing a space for children to learn, explore, and grow in an open environment on their own. Maria Montessori believed that children only need to be guided in the right direction to unlock their learning potential and empower their decision-making. There are several healthy ways to empower […]

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How Is Discipline Maintained in Montessori Class?

A little girl holding up a heart cut out symbolizing respectfulness and discipline

Discipline — it’s one of the earliest principles we learn as children. Discipline is important in any social environment no matter what your age, but there are many different ways to apply and encourage it. Montessori classrooms take a balanced approach to discipline that might be a little different from your parents’ school days. Let’s […]

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