Montessori Planes of Development

The planes of development are an overview of the educational opportunities and advantages a student experiences at different ages. The understanding of these educational planes is imperative in teaching in the Montessori method. Learn more about the Montessori method.

Montessori Method FAQ

The First Plane: Environmental Learning / Ages 0-6

At this age, most children learn simply by being in an environment. Children at this age are sensitive to the sensory information they receive when interacting with their environment and the materials/stimuli in it.

By creating an environment where children are directed towards meaningful tasks that involve writing, reading, and mathematics, the Montessori method encourages development in those areas academically.

Children in this age range complete the initial development of their personality. They have a basic understanding of the “real world” and are ready to engage that world and the community around them. They demonstrate strong desires to work in groups, to use their imagination for abstract concepts, and to work on meaningful tasks.

During this time the student develops their sense of right and wrong, learning more about empathy and their own understanding of compassion, teamwork, and relatability.

Children undergo significant physical and psychological growth in this period of their life. It is during this time that the groundwork is completed for what will become a constructive and contributing adult. Students develop a strong sense of justice and dignity, as well as often experiencing challenges in concentration.

During this time, students embrace the study of culture and natural science. Thought process and problem solving skills that have been nurtured over the course of a lifetime are employed by the student to further their understanding of the world and their educational or professional specialization.

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