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Does Montessori Work for Older Children?

A teacher guiding students in a Montessori classroom

Children have an almost sponge-like ability to absorb information, and Montessori nurtures this. Individualized learning is effective for young children, but does the Montessori Method work for older children? Continue reading to learn more about Montessori and its effectiveness with older children.  What is the Montessori Method?  Dr. Maria Montessori’s theory discusses how children’s minds […]

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The Pros & Cons of Montessori

A container housing various letters from the alphabet, with red and blue letters underneath the container spelling out "montessori" on a white backdrop.

Dr. Maria Montessori developed the Montessori Method in the early 1900s. It’s a type of child-centered education that includes child-led activities (referred to as “work”), mixed-age classrooms, and teachers that promote individuality in their students. Dr. Montessori claimed that children learn more effectively when they have a say in what they learn, and this belief […]

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Montessori & Children With Learning Disabilities. Will This Be a Good Fit?

students learning in a montessori classroom

History of Montessori Maria Montessori, an Italian educator, physician, and scientist, as well as the first Italian woman to receive a medical degree, was the founder of the Montessori Method. She was passionate about helping people through beginning her work at a psychiatric clinic to eventually being invited to open a childcare center in a […]

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How Does Montessori Strengthen my Child’s Social Skills?

Children developing social skills in a Montessori school.

The Montessori Method & Social Skills The Montessori Method was not specifically designed to help children develop social skills. Instead, the Montessori philosophy focuses on engaging children in their learning. Through building engagement, children learn collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking — all important components of overall social skills. Stages of Social Development To understand how […]

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The Importance of Infant Education

Toddler playing with water at school.

Children are truly astonishing. Their minds are constantly growing and expanding, fuelled by their boundless curiosity and wonder. Though most parents believe that childhood education should begin at pre-school it really should begin much sooner, starting shortly after birth. What they often find even more surprising is the idea that education is much more than […]

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