Spelling tools at school.

Our Educational Philosophy

As Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA) accredited schools, our half-day CASA program adheres to the principles outlined in the Montessori Method to ensure your child is receiving the very best educational experience possible.

To quote our founder, Mrs. Shefun Ali:

“I believe that the teacher, parents, and child all work together to provide an enriched learning environment. Our classrooms will utilize the Montessori method at every opportunity to influence, guide, and nurture the intellectual and emotional development of our students.”

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Our Montessori Classrooms Include

  • Mutual respect between students, teachers and the environment.
  • Trained and experienced Montessori teachers, each of whom hold age-appropriate diplomas from an AMI or MACTE accredited training institute
  • A full range of Montessori materials that are specifically designed for the Montessori classroom to allow for sequential learning.
  • An atmosphere that children enjoy coming into and learning in.
  • Have multiple age groups successfully learning in the same environment.
  • A long uninterrupted work cycle, allowing for focus, concentration, and engagement with the materials.
  • An environment which is licensed by the Alberta Government and that meets the relevant safety standards of the building, safety, health and fire codes.
  • An environment which is guided by the philosophy of Maria Montessori.

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Children learning how to spell.

What Our School Offers…

Your Child as Our Student

  • A carefully prepared and considered learning environment, ideally suited to your child
  • Mixed age groups in each classroom (2 ½ – 6 years of age)
  • The opportunity to progress at their pace based on their interests
  • Activity based learning that focuses on your child’s sensitive periods
  • Freedom, responsibility, and respect
  • An environment that prioritizes cooperation and collaboration – as opposed to competition – with their peers and teachers

You As Parents

  • On-going feedback of your child’s progress
  • Educational nights to learn and understand what and how your child is learning
  • Participation in many aspects of your child’s school life
  • A supportive environment where children, parents, and teachers all work together for the betterment of your child