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Our School Leadership

Mrs. Shefun Ali, Head Directress

Mrs. Shefun Jiwani Ali is the founder and Head Directress of Mosaic Montessori Academy. She has been teaching the Montessori method since 2003, and founded Mosaic Montessori Academy in 2010. Under her guidance, Mosaic Montessori Academy provides educational experiences that are deeply rooted in the Montessori Philosophy.

Mrs. Ali discovered her passion for early childhood education during her time at University. Through her research she learned more about the Montessori method and philosophy. The concepts underpinning the Montessori method resonated strongly with Mrs. Ali.

She completed her degree in education,, and went on to complete her formalized Montessori training at Vancouver Montessori and ECE College. She graduated top of her class, earning valedictorian honors.

From Mrs. Ali:

“I enjoy teaching in Montessori because of how it encourages children to grow at their own rate. Together, the teacher, parents, and child cooperate to provide an enriched learning environment. In this environment, children are able to explore and work on specific areas that pique their interest. I believe that when a child is interested in something, you can explore that topic while teaching the basic fundamentals of education.

Learning this way is not only rewarding for the child, but for me personally as well.”

Mrs. Maria

Ms. Maria is the Supervising Directress and Partner at Mosaic Montessori Academy. She has extensive training and experience in Montessori. She has observed numerous Montessori classrooms in several countries. Ms. Maria holds degrees in psychology, counseling, and educational leadership but teaching is her true passion. She has been teaching for over twenty years. Ms. Maria is mom to a Montessorian who is now a young adult. Her small family loves travelling, camping, and hiking.